Why Mindset 24 Global?

  • Game changing compensation plan with ACTUAL 70% payout on all sales
  • Profit sharing for everyone, on every sale
  • Bitcoin as currency
  • Real-time instant commissions on every sale. Not weekly or monthly.
  • 100% matching bonus
  • Powerful videos and marketing system
  • Doing business internationally
  • Simple rank advancement
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Changing Your Mindset is as easy as... 1, 2, 3!

 Compensation Plan

Mindset Expert And Course Content Creation 
 Jay Saregeant

 Kevin Harrington
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Eric Grant: M24 Global Independent Affiliate And Creator Of ZippRank.com

Over the past 30 years in business, including 20+ years as a Home Business Affiliate, I've built a number of large Global Sales Organizations. With that experience, comes the ability to recognize when a company has all of the right components for success. Every company portrays being the best, but unfortunately, most fall short.

In my professional opinion, Mindset 24 Global has everything we need to go the distance, and build a long-term residual income.

As the creator of www.ZippyRank.com , my team and I, know a thing or two about online presence. We save our M24G partners from the frustration of wasting time and money on methods that don't get results. We love to help our team partners get results and build profitable sales teams. When you join our Mindset 24 Team, as long as you are teachable, and are willing to roll up your sleeves, we are willing to help you achieve your team-building goals!

Message From M24 Global
Co Founder And CEO

Brian McLane

"Over the past 25 years, in business, and in my personal life, I have experienced the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows. I have taken everything I have learned during those times and put it into Mindset 24 Global. I realized that there are people like me that will never give up, no matter what. I am proud to offer a product, with an opportunity, that touches people all over the world that refuse to settle for mediocrity. We are not just building a company, we are creating a movement."

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Mindset 24 Global at a glance

In a direct sales world of magic pills and lotions, juices and quick fix remedies, Mindset Global is proud to provide life changing information from world class marketing partners. Imagine being coached by a real life Shark? That’s right, Kevin Harrington from the hit TV show Shark Tank is our marketing partner and has assembled his best videos, interviews, e-books and stories to provide individuals with the right information to impact their lives.

You will also get exclusive access to never before seen programs developed by world famous author and Master NLP trainer, Jay Sargeant. Mr. Sargeant or Coach Jay, as he is known, will offer us the most powerful and proven communication and persuasion techniques and strategies.

So the bottom line is this, our product has the potential to be life changing. Literally, we provide information from experts to enhance the quality of peoples lives by providing the right MINDSET. You will not find this information anywhere else! Our brand new programs will teach the powerful NLP Expert Model, stunning rapport building strategies, master level reframing and techniques to create the most profound states of mind.

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